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Miley Cyrus- G.N.O. (Girls Night Out)


Miley Cyrus- G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)


Don't call me

Leave me alone

Not gonna answer my phone

Cause I don't

No I won't see you

I'm out to have a good time

To get you off of my mind

Cause I don't

And I won't need you

Send out a 911

We're gonna have some fun

Hey boy, you know

You better run

Cause it's a girl's night

It's alright without you

I'm gonna stay out

And play out without you

You better hold tight

This girl's night is without you

Let's go


Let's go

It's a girl's night

I'll dance with somebody new

Won't have to think about you

And who knows

What let go will lead to

You'll hear from everyone

You'll get the 411

Hey boy

You knew this day would come


Hey boy

Don't you wish you could have been a good boy

Try to find another girl like me, boy

Feel me when I tell ya

I am fine

And it's time for me to draw the line



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