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Miley Cyrus- Good And Broken


Miley Cyrus- Good And Broken


Are you overloaded?

Candy coated

Your life's imploding now

There's a risk worth taking

A pain worth aching

On this hollow ground

We can let go

Don't hold on to all of life's hardest parts

When we think of stopping

Let's keep on rocking

To the rhythm of our hearts

We can

Break out of here

Jump on over there

Where the air is clearer

We can

Forget the pace

Win in our own race

Become a broken chain

We are broken chains

Good and broken

Find the magic, go and grab it

Your fate is in your hands

Come on, find a reason

To believe in, just tell yourself

Get off your seat

On your feet

Raise your hands

Feel the beat

Let it go

Loose control

Feel it in your soul

Don't you know

What you can do

If you have faith in you

Let's not be invisible

There's no red light in life

Just go



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