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Selena Gomez-I Promise You


Selena Gomez- I Promise You


I know that my love for you is real

It's something true that we do

Just something natural that I feel

When you walk in the room, when you're near

I feel my heart skip a beat

The whole world disappears

And there's just you and me

Falling head over feet

Let's take a chance together


I know [4x]

We gonna make it

'Cause no one else can make me feel

The way that you do

I promise you

I know [4x]

We gonna get there

Today tomorrow and forever

We will stay true

I promise you


They say that we're just too young

To know

But I'm sure heart and soul

That I am never letting you go

When it's right it's right

And this is it

'Cause I'm walking on air

Every single time that we kiss

You make the angels sing

You give that songbird wings

You make everything better



I'll never let you down

I'll always hear you out

There is nothing you cannot confide

You listen when I speak

You make my knees go weak

And I just want you by my side



We gonna make it

I promise you

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I promise you [3x]



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